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Utah Theatre Bloggers

"As Eliza, Evan Bertram was everything I hoped for with this role: great comedic timing, beautiful voice, and solid character building. Her delight with her success during the “Rain in Spain” carried over into “I Could Have Danced All Night.” Bertram also brought strength and maturity to Eliza in the conservatory scene near the end."


"Evan Bertram as Eliza Dolittle is riveting—especially in the second act as the character comes into her own."

Gephardt Daily

"This Lincoln Center touring production lives up to the show’s legacy, with Evan Bertram (the understudy) performing Tuesday’s show as the strong and feisty Eliza, daring to dream, working hard, and even challenging poor treatment from Higgins. Bertram’s voice is strong and pure."


The Free Lance Star

"Danny Martin as Billy and Evan Bertram as his childhood friend Margo, who’s been harboring feelings for him, share some charming moments in a parallel but much lighter storyline. “Bright Star” is filled with plenty of ear-pleasing musical gems, 

including Margo’s sweetly sung ballad “Asheville” (one of my favorites)."


Scene on Stage

"Sarah Brown's "I'll Know," for example, could as well be spoken, although that would deprive us of the pleasure of hearing Evan Bertram sing it. Her tones are crystalline, with a slight vibrato that evokes a stringed instrument. Changing tempo and mood, Bertram's "If I Were a Bell," about Sarah being in a happy place, put me in one as well."


Art Port NH

"Bertram, stepping in for Megan Reinking, plays Dyanne. She brings grace and a nice touch to the all boys' club scene, along with a fine voice to Fever and I Hear You Knocking. Great job all around."

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Review of Into the Sun at the Kennedy Center

"There was a standout in the cast, the girl who played Marie, Evan Bertram. She has a great, natural voice with incredible range; she's a good actress. She has presence. You can't teach that. When she was singing, you could feel it get quiet, as people focused on her and the moment she was in."

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