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I grew up in beautiful Charlotte, NC, where I discovered my love for song, performance, and the arts community. I hold a degree in musical theatre and have had the privilege of performing in New York, the NJ area, and many regional theaters across the country. I am based in New York City.

My dream is to share in art that enables people to find  joy, grow in empathy, and love big.  Performance has the unique power to plant monumental ideas, heal broken hearts, and bring strangers together through shared tears and laughter. There is nothing else I'd rather be a part of.

News & Reviews

Blue Girl | SHOUT! The Mod Musical

(Directed by Kurt Stamm)

June 31 - July 14, 2021

Mason Street Warehouse

Saugatuck, MI


Lady Susan | Lady Susan

(YouTube - Seeded Productions)


Jan. - March 2021

Click here to watch!


Margo Crawford | Bright Star

(Directed by Patrick A'Hearn)

Sept. 15 - Oct. 31, 2021

Riverside Center

Fredericksburg, VA

"Danny Martin as Billy and Evan Bertram as his childhood friend Margo, who’s been harboring feelings for him, share some charming moments in a parallel but much lighter storyline. “Bright Star” is filled with plenty of ear-pleasing musical gems, including Margo’s sweetly sung ballad “Asheville” (one of my favorites)."

- Gail Choochan (The Free Lance Star)

"Sarah Brown's "I'll Know," for example, could as well be spoken, although that would deprive us of the pleasure of hearing Evan Bertram sing it. Her tones are crystalline, with a slight vibrato that evokes a stringed instrument. Changing tempo and mood, Bertram's "If I Were a Bell," about Sarah being in a happy place, put me in one as well."

- Philip Dorian (Scene on Stage)

"There was a standout in the cast, the girl who played Marie, Evan Bertram. She has a great, natural voice with incredible range; she's a good actress. She has presence. You can't teach that. When she was singing, you could feel it get quiet, as people focused on her and the moment she was in."

- Review of Into the Sun at the Kennedy Center



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Photo by: Darnell Bennett
Photo by: Darnell Bennett
Photo by: Darnell Bennett

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